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Anita Deb

Anita Deb has been a professional communications specialist for almost 30 years, working mostly as a translator and interpreter in the international marketing sector. Anita has been involved with prominent international organisations to fulfill their written and spoken language requirements. In the past, she worked as an interpreter at sporting events for ONCE, the Spanish National Organisation of the Blind in Spain, and at the IBSA world games in Madrid.

Anita, a former Paralympian who represented Great Britain in Goalball, loves tennis and has a personal interest in seeing the blind tennis thrive. She has been heavily involved in supporting her son Ivan Rodriguez Deb in his visually impaired tennis journey, attending all of his tournaments and squad camps.

Anita is also a volunteer at blind and visually impaired tennis tournaments and squad camps in the UK. She wants to help blind tennis achieve the same success as other visually impaired sports such as Goalball so that it can become a respected and popular sport at both national and international level.

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