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Rules of Play

Blind Tennis adopts the ITF (International Tennis Federation) rules for standard tennis with the following exceptions:
B1 Court
Dimensions: 12,8 m. x 6,1 m
Service line = 1,8 m. from the baseline and 4,60 m from the net.
Net height = 83 cm.
Tactile lines on all lines except service boxes.
Photo of Blind tennis player playing tennis on indoor tennis court.
B2, B3 & B4 Court
Dimensions: 18,28 m x 8,23 m
Service line = 2,74 m from the baseline and 6,40 m from the net.
Net height = 90 cm.
The Ball
A standard Blind Tennis audible ball
Colour of the ball: YELLOW or BLACK.

Colour of the court: Standard indoor court colour or clear wood gymnasium court. If players agree, they can decide to change the colour of the ball for the match they are going to play.

colour of the ball
Any racket accepted by the ITF in accordance with court sizes.
For the B1 game a maximum of 23 inches.
For the B2, B3 game a maximum of 25 inches.
For the B4 game a maximum of 27 inches.
size of the racket
Server & Receiver
If needed, both the server and the receiver may ask an umpire, ball person, or volunteer about their own position on court, in order to locate themselves on the court.
the image of the server
B1 players must wear a standard Paralympic approved blindfold.
The blindfold may be removed only once per game and during pauses in between games.
Players should signal to the umpire if they need to move the blindfold in any way.
the image showing bounce of the ball
B1 & B2 = Up to 3 bounces.
B3 = Up to 2 bounces.
B4 = Up to 1 bounce.
the image showing bounce of the ball
Volley is allowed for all the categories.
the image of the server
When to serve & Receive

IBTA Rules of Play Documents

Click on the link to download full accessible document of the IBTA Rules of Play to be reviewed by the Executive Committee

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