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We from the IBTA Executive Committee would like to wish you a healthy, enjoyable and successful new year. In these exceptional times we have to inform you of a decision we have reached – it was not an easy one. Sadly for all, IBTA will not host the 2021 international blind tennis championship this year. Together with the Italian Host it was decided that staging the event would be too risky at this time, and so together we decided to cancel it.
The spread of COVID-19 is not under control yet, and it is unlikely that this situation will have changed in June. Vaccines are not available for everybody globally. Travel arrangements cannot safely be made relying on the certainty that the event would take place in Italy in June. Finally and most importantly, IBTA is not in a position to take on the responsibility for players, assistants, coaches and volunteers. The risk of SARS-COV II to be carried into the blind tennis community is too high.
However, we are optimistic that this will change towards the end of the year. Therefore we have decided to prepare to stage the 2022 international blind tennis championships in 2022.
Because of changed safety measures and budgets, the IBTA EC has decided to open a new tender. We are currently preparing the modified requirements and specifications and will share them with you as soon as possible. All IBTA members will then be welcome to submit their application to host the event.
Blind Tennis Players
Despite these inconveniences and the missing opportunity to meet up in 2021, we are sure that blind tennis will develop further across the globe, thanks to each individual’s passion and motivation. Many national competitions have been carried out in 2020. Online activities have taken off last year. We are sure these activities will continue in 2021. We are looking forward to hearing all about your news and ideas to keep all of us active and positive.
Please, do not hesitate to contact, if you have any questions or suggestions.

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