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Samir Mahir

Samir Mahir

Samir Mahir has been a volunteer in the non-profit sector for over 20 years. Samir previously served as IBTA Country Representative for Australia from 2020-2021 and was on the Technical Committee in 2017-2018. He was Chairman of the Tennis Advisory Board for Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria in Melbourne, Australia. Samir was also an active volunteer with the United States Tennis Association (USTA), acting as a member of the sectional and national committees for over 10 years, including various roles in the Information Technology and Diversity & Inclusion committees.

Samir, a former executive with Tennis Australia and Vision Australia, is passionate about tennis and especially adaptive tennis. He helped establish key partnerships to grow blind tennis in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. Mahir has collaborated with national and state sports organisations to develop blind tennis programs for social participation and international competition.

Samir is a member of the Professional Tennis Registry (PTR). He was the first National Coach of the Australian Blind Tennis Team, serving in that role for 5 years. His contributions, on and off the court, resulted in 5 Australian players achieving IBTA top 10 world rankings within their respective classifications.

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