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Australia/Singapore Blind Tennis Exchange Reignited

    The Australian and Singapore teams during the 2019 blind tennis exchange in Melbourne.

    In collaboration with Soundball Singapore, Blind Sports & Recreation Victoria are planning a blind tennis exchange with the Singapore team from the 15th to the 22nd of May 2022. This is the third exchange between the two organisations since 2018 under the leadership of Chris Hortin Tan and Maurice Gleeson. The goal is to establish international linkages among Blind Tennis Associations and advocate for the support and growth of Blind and Low Vision Tennis in the Asia Pacific region.

    Both teams will share knowledge and experiences with the intention of building stronger relationships on and off the court. The blind tennis exchange program includes co-training and coaching sessions. It also provides competitive match opportunities to players within Asia Pacific. Players, coaches and volunteers from both countries are all very excited to participate in their first post-COVID blind tennis event overseas.

    The Australian and Singapore teams during the 2018 blind tennis exchange in Singapore.

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